Water:  We need to make sure that Woodbury can supply its growing population with enough healthy and safe water.  The use of funds from the recent legal settlement is of great importance.  We need to make sure the PFC contaminated wells are cleaned up, and that our water treatment facilities are up-to-date to handle the clean-up as well as future demands.  Furthermore, we need to make sure we are aware of any potential future health and environmental risk from these chemicals to keep ourselves and our children healthy.

Gold Line (Bus Rapid Transit):  Accessibility within Woodbury and to the Twin Cities is vital for EVERYONE to fully take part in our great city – whether for work or play.  Mass transportation helps those citizens needing assistance travel in, out, and around Woodbury.  It also allows students and professionals the access to inexpensive, greener transportation.  We need to ensure a close working relationship with the Met Council to ensure our citizens’ needs are being met while achieving greater metro area goals.

2040 Comprehensive Plan:  I appreciate the hard work the commission has done to create a broad and thorough strategy for the future of Woodbury.  It is important to keep in mind that this long document states guidelines for a vision and goals for the city, and admits the many limitations for the plan.  We need to balance the ten plan guidelines for the city, discuss tradeoffs when introducing policy, hold the city accountable to Woodbury’s citizens, and develop a plan to engage, inform, and solicit feedback from the community to keep the plan on the right track or change it as needed.

Community Engagement:  The population of Woodbury is about 70,000 people, making us the 9th largest city in Minnesota!  Furthermore, it is projected that we will be close to 90,000 by 2040.  With only four city council members and one mayor, it is difficult to effectively represent all of Woodbury’s citizens.  Intentional community engagement through relationship building will increase citizen participation in our city government.  We need to make this city work for everyone.  Will you help me?

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