Water:  With the growing concern and incidents of city wells contaminated with per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), we need transparent information and an effective plan to address this issue.  For the future, we need to make sure that Woodbury can supply its growing population with enough healthy and safe water.  The use of funds from the recent legal settlement is of great importance.  We need to make sure the PFC contaminated wells are cleaned up, and that our water treatment facilities are up-to-date to handle the clean-up as well as future demands.  Furthermore, we need to make sure we are aware of any potential future health and environmental risk from these chemicals to keep ourselves and our children healthy.  I have reached out to Woodbury city staff to learn more about plans, consequences, and best practices, and I intend to foster those relationships to continuing asking questions and effectively communicate with Woodburians.

Representation and Community Engagement:  The population of Woodbury is about 75,000 people, making us the 8th largest city in Minnesota!  With only four city council members and one mayor, it is difficult to effectively represent all of Woodbury’s citizens.  We need council members from all corners of the city.  Recent demonstrations show that voices in Woodbury are not being heard.  Intentional community engagement through relationship building will increase citizen participation in our city government.  As a leader of the city, I will make the space needed for these voices, and get people with their experiences and perspectives in the room when making decisions.  We need to make this city work for everyone.  Will you help me?

Parks and Trails:  One of the best features of Woodbury is the extensive parks and trails system.  We need to make sure our trails are connected and maintained.  We also need to ensure that our parks are kept clean.  I intend to apply for state and federal grants to increase the connectivity of trails, make plans to make them safer, and use my position on the Gold Line CBAC to connect trails to public transportation.

Gold Line (Bus Rapid Transit):  Accessibility within Woodbury and to the Twin Cities is vital for EVERYONE to fully take part in our great city – whether for work or play.  Mass transportation helps those citizens needing assistance travel in, out, and around Woodbury.  It also allows students and professionals the access to inexpensive, greener transportation.  Finally, it will bring workers into Woodbury to staff the many businesses our city has.  We need to ensure a close working relationship with the Met Council to ensure our citizens’ needs are being met while achieving greater metro area goals.  As a member of the 2020-2021 METRO Gold Line BRT Community and Business Advisory Committee (CBAC), I will make sure to advocate for you.

COVID-19:  This pandemic is not going away anytime soon.  People and businesses of Woodbury need information and guidance on best practices and effective ways to prevent the transmission of this awful virus.  My background in genetics allows me to understand the reasoning behind guidance from the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  My background in policy analysis allows me to translate that guidance in a way that people understand and feel empowered to make healthy decisions for themselves, their families, and their community.  As a city leader, I will lead by example, protect our city employees, and be a good steward of assistance funds from state and national resources.

Budget:  I feel that the city’s budget priorities are a reflection of Woodbury’s values.  I also believe that taxes are an investment in the services our city provides.  The people of Woodbury have high expectations of our city, and we actually have the 4th lowest tax rate of our comparative cities.  While the city has historically run as a very lean government, we need to ensure that funding mechanisms are in place to maintain our parks and trails, roads, and infrastructure.  This will become even more important as Woodbury completes building to the city lines and we transition into a mature, “non-developing” city.  I will make sure to have a critical eye on our budget while recognizing the need to maintain the service Woodburians expect.  Furthermore, I will do my best to ensure a transparent and communicative process.

Anti-discrimination:  Woodbury is an amazing community full of great opportunities and recreation.  Unfortunately, too many community members have experienced discrimination.  Discrimination towards anyone (racial, gender, ethnicity, etc.) should not be tolerated, and we should not be afraid to step forward as city leaders to say so.  We must understand that this is a systemic issue, and take action examining how our community is more equitable so all people of Woodbury can live, work, and thrive.

What are your thoughts?  What is going well?  What can be done better?  Go to my “Contact” page to get in touch 🙂